About Carina

Thanks for popping by 🙂 I am Carina and this blog is about my dogs – what and how we train and our endeavours.

My dog career started in DcH-Ribe, where I went to obedience training with my sheltie Danbret’s Bronze Basil (born 1989). Basil was the best dog you could wish for. He was such a quick learner and he got along with all other dogs even male dogs (that usually didn’t like other male dogs). Basil won all our semester closing competitions and also in obedience he graduated to class B. But here began the challenges, for Basil was definitely not very good at tracking – I could animate him to go out and find the object on the track, but he hadn’t really understood what the exercise was all about.

I had seen other clubs had introduced agility so I tormented Hans Peter Dinesen (from the club), as I wanted him to build the agility obstacles for us. As a teenager, one is good at tormenting, so after the summer there was an entire agility course in Ribe, Denmark 😉

The first year I ran competitions with Basil under the auspices of the Danish Kennel Club, we became number 2 in the Dog of the Year Competition in 1992. Basil has also won the National Competition in DcH (now called Danish Championship).

After Basil was retired I started running agility with my border collie, Elliot. Together we achieved a lot – both obedience wise and agility wise. Elliot was part of the National Team in 2002 and 2003 – best results from the championships were in 2003 at the Agility World Championship where he became number 9 individually and later that year he and the rest of the team won the Nordic Championship.

I am an approved agility instructor in DcH, DKK and also a GB Agility Club Approved Instructor. I have taught in several clubs, and I also organize weekend and week courses.

I really enjoy working with dogs and seek inspiration from great handlers from all over the world. It always makes me happy to train my dogs – every one of them I’ve had – they have all been special in their own way.

… And why is the website called aikandi? Yeah… Elliot was taken, carina was taken… and I did not want the name to be so long.. something with agility and obedience would be a little misleading, as the website was meant to be a presentation of Elliot…  Many times when people have seen Elliot working – obedience and agility, or just in general, I have repeatedly been told that Elliot is eye candy … so I decided to name the website for eyecandy as pronounced: ai’kan-di 🙂

Elliot -::- Carina -::- Kopy

Elliot -::- Carina -::- Kopy