Agility competition at VEH – who moved the A-frame?

This weekend we participated in the first outdoor competition of the year. As the weather has been so bad over the winter, I have only trained outdoor once before the competition. My ankle is still not recovered – it’s yet swolen and not as flexible – hence, I cannot run as fast as I’m used to 🙁 Nevertheless, we had some really great runs but also some really bad ones.

Yesterday Vini was to run first, two J1 classes – our first run was a mess.. I’m not sure what happens but it’s like I’m a zombie without a brain running on the course.. poor Vini.. she tried hard to figure out what I wanted. Next run I got my act together and Vini was doing really great – until the weaves where she knocked into the the third pole and lost her rythm. We ended up getting eliminated but I’m so pleased with her speed (this run is on the video).
First A1 we also got eliminated – Vini loves the dogwalk and decided to run over it one more time instead of the long jump. Second A1 she was also really speedy – too speedy when getting to the weaves – she just ran by it as she couldn’t see it 😉 She also missed the contact on the dogwalk. I knew she would most likely do so – running contact on the dogwalk seems to have fallen apart since we took a very long break training the RC. But anyway pleased with the run – it’s on the video.

Then finally it was Sookie’s turn. The first A3 run was a mess – and poor Sookie – she has to keep up with me. I only got to walk the course twice and had apparently misjudged where the A-frame was placed – so when turning around after jump, I found myself running into the A-frame – just managed to put my hands on the A-frame to avoid falling into it.. wonder who had moved it 😉 Second A3 was a good run – I couldn’t manage to do a front cross before the teeter, which caused a lot of wasted time 🙁 Later Sookie knocked a bar due to my bad handling – anyway, Sookie was only a second after the winning dog – quite impressive taking into consideration the lost time after the teeter 😮
J3 runs I couldn’t manage to be on the rigth spots – I can’t recall one of the courses, but know I had some trouble running..

Today Sookie was to start. I had slept so badly last night and was so tired. Not sure if Sookie thought I was so sleepy that I would forget her, but she decided to leave before I started her. I set her back, which caused us to be eliminated. Our Agility Open run was also a mess (as was Vini’s). But what I’m indeed happy about is that Sookie’s running contacts seems to be rock solid (now I’m getting afraid that I’m jinxing it ;-))
In J3 Sookie had a great run – clean run – and became 2nd – WOOHOOO 😀  Jumpers Open I couldn’t keep up with her, so result was one bar down and a refusal.

Vini was so tired in the morning. It had been a really long day yesterday – we were at the venue at 7:15 in the morning and leaving 20:30 in the evening – loooong day.. So the first two runs, J-open and A-open were messy and hard to keep connected. But J1 we had a really, really great run – OMG, that youngster is sooo fast 😮 She did so great – but unfortunately I couldn’t stop her from running to a tunnel. A1 was a really difficult course – we started out great, but then she left the weaves and took the next jump before I could react. Many good moments, and indeed pleased about her tight turns 🙂

Apart from the runs, I’m so impressed about both Sookie’s and Vini’s ability to relax when not running. They stay around me (or visits the neighbors) when not running and never gets stressed about the other dogs running on the courses. Vini found out that our neighbours, Randi and Per, would cuddle her – and that their dogs got really nice treats, so she tiptoed into their tent several times – and took some of the nice treats – the “boys” just accepted her and accepted her stealing their treats – naughty girl 😉

Here’s a few runs from the weekend – enjoy 😉