Sookie has qualified for A3 and European Open

I was really looking forward to the competition in Viby – not only for spending a long weekend with other agility freaks but because I would be visiting my brother 🙂 And Sookie and Vini were looking forward to meeting Buller and Basse again (they are guinea pigs and Sookie can spend hours just watching them – and now Vini has learned that too ;-))

It was a 3-days competition and I can’t remember all the runs – only the good ones and the really bad one 😉 First day we had two A2 runs and two J3 runs – our first J3 run was a nice run but I thought the jumps were really high (I don’t usually train on 65cm jumping height) and I would have to “help and wait” for Sookie more – doh, not how I use to handle Sookie. She knocked a pole down and the long jump but the latter part of the course went very well. The first A2 run had a dog walk (DW) setup I could only wish for – DW being second last obstacle and last jump was placed straight after 🙂 And yes, we had a clean run – and really, really nice low hind feet hit on DW contact – and time was amazing too 😀

Second day the first run was Jumping Open. I didn’t give Sookie enough room to the slalom wherefore she missed the entry. After the slalom the dogs were supposed to take two jumps and then next obstacle was a collapsible tunnel – I sent Sookie towards the jumps, but she hesitated and turned around and looked at me – for like two seconds and then she noticed the collapsible tunnel and just raced to it – couldn’t stop her 😉
Second run was Agility Open – and to my surprise the judge has placed a table in the middle of the course – I have never trained Sookie on the table. I find the table a stupid obstacle – and that indeed qualifies for not training it 😉 I managed somehow to get her onto the table and everything was fine until I pulled her away from a jump.. doh..
Third run was J3 – I actually can’t remember this run 🙂
Last run was A2 and again the judge had included the table in the course.. wasn’t happy about that.. and Sookie unfortunately “fell off” the table – the only error on the whole course – we anyway got eliminated as she ran by last jump – I didn’t call her as I was sooo snotty and not feeling well and had no breath left.

The third day we started with Jumping Open. I wasn’t feeling well but ran anyway. Sookie ran the fastest she could and I tried to follow along 😉 At the end of the course a threadle was set up, which I have had my challenges with lately – therefore I called, called, called Sookie so she decreased speed significantly and she was almost refusing the jump but that anyway was enough for becoming number 3 of all 😀
We had a really great run in J3. I was only at one point late at telling Sookie where to go and that resulted in waste of time – she knocked down one bar but rest was perfect – and best of all, she had the 3rd fastest time of all dogs 😀
A2 was our last run and again we had a clean run – and Sookie won the class again – now she is in A3 – woohooo 😀

We had some really great runs this weekend but best of all – Sookie hit the DW contact each and every time without no doubt – and the Jumping Open result qualified us for the European Open 😀

Sookie’s best results:

Sookie's best results

Sookie’s best results