The amusement park Bakken

Nearby where I live there is an amusement park (Tivoli) called Bakken, which is placed in The Deer Park (Dyrehaven). You are allowed to bring dogs to the Deer Park and to Bakken. I usually take my dogs to Bakken a couple of times each year for them to get used to crowded areas, all different kind of noise and the various attractions – and enjoy a large ice cream 😀

I realised I haven’t been at Bakken this year and that Vini had never been there. Lone and I went first for a walk in the deer park before entering Bakken. On our way we met a horse and I think Vini’s eyes where about to pop out – never had she seen such a big animal before – so she was like paralysed and starring at it 🙂

Later she suddenly started to bark and first I couldn’t understand why until I saw some antlers in the reeds – you couldn’t see the deers at all not even their heads. That was an awesome view! She caught the scent from them but couldn’t see them – scary 😉

We entered Bakken where the Dragon boat is placed and what you see is a great dragon head flying towards you. On the other side of the Dragon boat there is this Strong Man test which is quite noisy. None of the dogs really reacted but they got a little excited – as they also saw a lot people.

We walked around in the amusement park and only time that Vini reacted was when the boats splassing water passed by – it was hot so she wanted to get into the water 😉

Lone and I enjoyed a large ice cream and then went to listen to some music at the open air stage. It was pretty crowded but the dogs just sat next to us – but at the end it got too boring for them so they started to play..

Sookie has always been really cool so a walk in an amusement park doesn’t trigger any undesirable behaviour and as expected, Vini didn’t care about the crowd, noise or anything neither – so only “scaring” experience were the “ghost deers” in the reed 🙂