Danish Border Collie Club Championship

Saturday the Danish Border Collie Club Championship took place and you could compete in agility, obedience, rally-o and conformation show. I had signed Sookie up for agility and Vini for the conformation show.

For becoming the Agility Club Champion the best combined result of Agility and Jumpers classes will deem the winner. First I was to run a Jumpers class and that went really well. I have decided to use the competitions to train things that we are not good at even though risking being eliminated or get faults. The tunnel  entrance was optional and I decided to go for the entrance that was most far away – knowing that this would cost time but I do indeed need to train these scenarios with Sookie. Overall we came in 2nd 😀

Mie & Vini

Mie & Vini

Next activity was the show. I went to the show ring and started regretting I had signed Vini up for the show as the judge seemed to be judging the dogs hardly. At the moment Vini is “wearing her summer dress” – meaning no fur! She almost looks like a smooth BC 😮
Mie was at the show to assist Felicia and fortunately I got Mie to show Vini for me – I can be at the European Agility Championship and think “bring it on” but a show ring scares me and I get so nervous 😉
Vini loves everybody so no problem getting Mie to show Vini – and Mie did a great job!
I have updated Vini’s show site with the judge’s comment (comment is in English).

Last activity was the agility class. It was incredible hot today – about 32°C/95°F and humid – I didn’t feel like eating and had a headache due to the heat. It was finally my turn and I entered the ring. Started Sookie and she was running full speed and we had a great teamwork 🙂 After the A-frame Sookie was to turn but she headed towards a tunnel – I managed to call her away and to the weave poles. I feel something is wrong and my foot is slipping in the shoe – I look down and realises I had forgotten to tie my shoelaces properly (I had loosened them due to the heat and my feet needed some air) – oh, bugger! 🙁
I lost the focus and Sookie felt that so she stopped weaving and turned around towards me.. again, bugger! I send her to weaves again and we continue to run the course. But then she either gets confused by the judge changing side in front of her just before she gets to the dogwalk or me not signaling clearly that she was to take the dogwalk so she runs by. I then stop up – bend down – tie my shoelaces – and send Sookie to the obstacle before the dogwalk in order to get the right flow. Eliminated. But she hit the contact on the dogwalk 😀

After all the activities had ended it was time for the Annual General Meeting. I was very short meeting 🙂 After the meeting dinner had been arranged. I stayed for that as well – and a big thank you to Randi and Per who made sure I got something to eat 😀