Preparing for Vini’s first competition

On Saturday Vini will for the first time participate in an agility competition. In order to be as prepared as possible, we asked Channie if she could set up a couple of jumpers courses – I have only signed Sookie and Vini up for the jumpers courses as there is not much space in the sports hall and it can be very cold at this time of year wherefore having the dogs in my car for several hours is not an option – but both dogs will run twice on different courses. And as there is only one ring the last class will be run late in the evening risking dogs are tired for not to mention me 😉

We had sooo much fun today – which is cool – as agility should be fun 😉 Vini did really great (when I remembered the courses ;-)) and we are ready for the competition on Saturday! Can’t wait – I’m so excited 🙂

Here’s the video from today: