Vini has been mated

Gosh, I’m so behind updating my blog.. Hopefully I get to update it soon.. but first I want to share with you that Vini has been mated 🙂 She was mated on the 24th, 26th and 27th of July. Now have to wait a few more weeks before she can be scanned. I’m sooo excited 🙂

Vini and Gustav are childhood sweethearts – here’s a photo from they were 4 months old practicing the “moves” – Vini showed a little more interest this time 😉

Vini and Gustav - 4 months old

Vini and Gustav – 4 months old

Gustav is the sire of a litter – puppies are now 10 weeks old. I’ve got to see them a few times. I must say that they are the cutest and most beautiful puppies I’ve seen for a long time! Their structure is so great – and they are very, very agile and speedy and I haven’t seen puppies with this kind of body awareness before at this age!! The dam’s grandsire is Killaebrig Runrig (Yoda) who’s also Vini’s sire – so expecting Vini and Gustav’s puppies will be as great as these puppies 🙂

Here’s some photos of the puppies:

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